If we have learnt anything through Covid-19 then we all agree that we need to keep healthy.  

Healthy body – Healthy Mind – Healthy Planet – that surely must be the new mantra for us all by now?? Well, we could not agree more here at the Leopold Hotel Sheffield.  So prove it I hear you say and so we shall, at first it’s baby steps in the right direction but we are so confident that this will formulate a great way forwards for the hotel team and guests alike, as we work through this together.

Healthy Body

Whether you walk, run, skip, dance or enjoy the whole gym thing you can do it all with us. Whilst our fitness suite packed with great equipment, fresh water and towels is available to all guests hotel free of charge, we are throwing open our hotel suites for weekend and evening hire! So, if your dance class needs more sidestep space and your yoga group requires more metres between the mats... just hire one of our fully air-conditioned suites and away you go. A great city-centre location that offers you the freedom and space that our socially distanced lives now require.

Healthy Mind

We realise that staying away from loved ones is often difficult and can be stressful on your mental health. That is why all our staff are here to help you so why not find out how we can all stay safe - Leopold Hotel Sheffield | Leopold Hotel Sheffield. A friendly face, comfortable surroundings and time to listen is our approach with our guests. Whether you are staying at the hotel on an isolation package, we will always check you are okay and help if you need anything whilst always donning our masks of course! If you are visiting the area and are unfamiliar with your surroundings, we are all available to help you locate places and can introduce you to partners that provide our hotel guests with some great unique offers and benefits from car parking to restaurants and much more.

Healthy Planet

Did you know that we only use energy partners with renewable sources? 100% renewable must be the best options for our planet? We have seen the effects that Covid-19 has had right across the world when we reduce harmful output allowing the planet to heal, and we feel it is vital to set good examples and so actively reach out for business partners and clients that share our values too. So, if you feel the same then your company could be our next inspirational partner. You can learn more about our Corporate Social & Responsibility actions here Corporate Social Responsibility - Sheffield Hotel | Leopold Hotel Sheffield and please get in touch if you have any hotel requirements that you’d like to place with a venue and team that are here to help you and the plant be just that little healthier.

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