Meeting Up is now starting to feel a little less taxing, whether you still prefer to meet up in the glorious outdoors or book somewhere a little more suited to the wonderful English climate, then the choice is certainly yours. 

Whichever way you feel meets your needs you need to do it with a confident venue that has gone above and beyond to ensure your surroundings are safe and suited to your needs. 

So here are our ‘top tips’ in making sure your next meeting is everything you’ve been wishing it to be having exhausted Facetime, Zoom and even Microsoft Teams talents!

1. Choose a venue that has been accredited. 

If lockdown has shown us anything it has certainly highlighted that we can do what we previously did with a little more kindness, whether that be with another person or indeed to our planet. So that’s why we are delighted to shout it from the hotel rooftops that the Leopold Hotel Sheffield is Greengage ECO Smart Accredited. 

This certificate is awarded to hotels and meeting venues that demonstrate an eco-friendly approach throughout their business. Booking an ECOsmart certified property reassures you our property has been comprehensively and independently assessed and operates in a sustainable way.  So don’t give up on being a little kinder to our planet just seek out venues that are doing whatever they can do to save her.

2. Terrace Talks. 

Whilst I write this article we are here in Sheffield with a beautiful 26 degrees of sunshine with a gentle breeze so why not meet up outside?  The Leopold Terrace has huge umbrellas should the sunshine be too much or interferes with your laptop screen, plus a large collection of furniture that can lend itself to an intermate gathering our a full ‘let's get our heads around the table’ scenario.

Meeting up in the hotel Terrace gives a whole new edge to ‘blue-sky thinking!

3. Make it Residential.

There must be so much to catch up on or get organised so why rush it?  Instead, think about a safe environment where colleagues and friends can get together and stay overnight too, often the best solutions or ideas come from being ‘social’. BUT may I suggest you always select a hotel that provides a lone traveller policy especially for your female attendees.  Feeling safe and relaxed always makes for a more productive meeting so check out our very own Lone Traveller Policy here and rest assured safety is delivered across all departments of the hotel.

So that’s our top three tips in making your Meeting Up the best that it can be, here’s hoping that you make the most of spending time with others and stay safe – as always.

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