Over the last few years, Sheffield has seen a resurgence as a destination with urbanism, foreign investment, culture and booming new sectors flourishing despite austerity. Progressive developments such as Heart of the City II and Grey to Green have attracted international attention, as increasingly the city is being looked to as an example of sustainable regeneration with climate change resilience in-built as part of the urban environment.

It certainly is a green city and one that is working hard on developing its ‘cool’ image that has been recently praised in the national press. So close to the Peak District that you can touch it, feel it and explore it within minutes from the city centre.

So, whether your New Year’s resolution is to get out more, explore more or simply live more than Sheffield is just the place to achieve it all and of course, being based at the Leopold Hotel Sheffield is simply the best location too. Check out our special offers from amazing fun-filled weekends with Wow! What a Weekend to romantic getaway with #Love Leopold or simply basing yourself here when working with the Business With A Bonus package you know you’re spending well and living well.

See more about what makes Sheffield and hear from local people who are proud to call Sheffield their home click here to see the latest video.

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